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GESS Mannheimpremium community

Wherever you like: Mensa., Café Soleil, Sammo, in the city... Every first Monday of the month Next lunchdate: Jun 03

Dear PhD candidates,
with this community we, your student representatives, want to further the exchange between the different GESS centers and cohorts.

On the first sunday of each month you will be randomly matched with other PhD students. You'll be able to chat with them via mail with the goal that you can meet each other for dinner, lunch or coffee within this month. (We needed to set a specific date as the "lunch-day", but you'll have the whole month to find a time that suits all lunchmates.

Since a majority of participants in the pre-survey opted for meeting in small groups, we've set the group size to 3 for now.

We are happy to receive all kinds of comments or criticism on how to improve this process, so please contact Jan Menzner or any other student representative if you have any feedback.

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