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zComs Lunch Lottery 🍔🍕🌯🍱🍜

Berlin Every first Wednesday of the month Next lunchdate: Oct 07

Hey Team :)

monthly on the first Wednesday it's time for our zComs Lunch Lottery where a random group of 4 people is going out for lunch together. Get to know your teammates (especially ones who you don't meet regularly) a little better & enjoy a nice lunch together.

Four easy Steps:
1. Sign up & join the "zComs Lunch Lottery" group
2. On the day before you & your lunch mates will automatically receive an email
3. Your group now needs to agree on a time for your lunch date & where to go
4. You are on vacation or not able to join next time? Click "Suspend Account" to set your absence

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Happy lunching!

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