Privacy policy:

21 May 2016

To use LunchMATES you have to sign up for an account and thus agree to this policy. In order to do this we store your valid email address as well as other data, explicitly provided by you. We also collect usage-data (such as your IP-Address and where and when you click on a link) to enhance our service. Furthermore your email address will be shared among people within your lunch community; this is necessary so that you can be contacted. In addition, we might use your email address to contact you directly in order to improve our service. Feel free to send us an email in case you never want to get contacted by us.

We will not share or sell your data without your agreement. We do however use external service providers for certain tasks (e.g. for sending lunch emails). We cannot 100% guarantee that your data will never be compromised.

Emails are being sent by the european company Mailjet SAS/GmbH. Emails, including your email address and Name will be sent and stored within the European Union. We may also track clicks within emails in order to learn more about the usage of our services. When you send us an email through our support system, that email is being proccessed through our service partners Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. und Freshdesk Inc outside of the European Union. Uploaded profile pictures are managed, stored and being made available by the service of Cloudinary Ltd., an Israeli company.

We further use New Relic to monitor our services from a technical perspective. Please refer to their privacy policy for further information.

We use google analytics to monitor visitors on our website. Please refer to Google for further information on what data is being collected. Your IP-Address is anonymized before sent to Google. You can also opt-out of the service by installing this browser plugin:

Please refer to their privacy policy for further information

Please also refer to the binding German version of this page for further information.

Use of cookies:

This website uses so-called "cookies" in order to make navigation easier on the page and to learn more about the usage of this website (we are currently using Google analytics). Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer and are fetched at the next visit to the site.

By using this site you explicitly agree with the use of cookies.

You may prevent the use of cookies by selecting the corresponding settings in your browser; however, we point out that, in that case, you might not use all functions of this website to their full extent. For more information, see also, for example wikipedia

Changes to the privacy policy

Changes to the privacy policy will be communicated through this website.