Lunchmates FAQ

What is Lunchmates?

If you work in a larger organization such as a university or a corporation, you will probably have already noticed that you often go with the same people for lunch. We want to change this with Lunchmates! Lunchmates is a platform for finding new acquaintances within your organization during the lunch break. Create or join a community and once a week, random groups of four people will be chosen by our algorithms and will go to lunch together. This ensures that you will constantly meet new people! After you sign up for a community you will receive an email with your random lunchgroup once a week.

What is a lunchdate?

A lunchdate is a lunch that you have with a group of colleagues. It takes place at a preset day and the group agrees on time and location.

What is a community?

A community is a group of people from which random lunch groups are drawn. You can create a community for your organization or for sub-groups within your organization. You can also be a member of several communities and by that have more than one lunch date per week.

How do I create a community?

Just clik on this link and fill in the form. If you haven't signed in yet, you have to sign in or register first. After that you can invite your colleagues to your community or send them a link to your community:

How does the matching of lunchmates work?

Once a week, our algorithm will (almost) randomly find a three or four more people that will go to lunch with you. We try to match together people who haven't been to lunch together for a long time.

Does Lunchmates cost anything?

The basic plan is free of charge. You will however need a subscription to our premium plan if your community exceeds the number of 40 members. For more information on premium, see our premium page. The subscription is for the community only, you as an individual participant will never be charged.

Do I have to use my real name?

We generally do not collect personal data and you can decide whether you want to use a pseudonym or not. However using your real name makes it easier for your colleagues to recognize you.

Can I change the place of the lunchdate?

Sure. Any community has a default place for the lunchdates, such as your cantine. However you are of course free to go to any place you like, if your random lunchgroup agrees on that.

Can I change the time of the lunchdate?

Sure. The only requirement is that the lunchdates happen on one day. It is up to your random lunchgroup to decide when exactly you want to have lunch.

My colleagues are unable to find my lunch community.

Communities with only a few members are hidden after some weeks. You can still send your colleagues the direct link to your community ( so that they can sign up. If your community has enough members it becomes visible again.

What happens with my data?

Your data is stored on servers in Germany and we will never pass them on to third parties.

I do not receive the mails from and the invitations for my lunchdate do not reach me.

It might happen that mails from Lunchmates are hold back by your spam filter. In this case, have a look in your spam folder and change your filter settings or ask your IT department.

I have further questions.

Please write to