Lunchmates for HR Manager

Lunchmates connects your company's employees

You are HR manager and want to improve the communication in your organisation? Congratulations, you have come to the right place!

One of the main tasks of an HR department is the shaping of work culture. Internal communication can have a big impact and improve the flow of information. Employer branding shapes the image of the company to future and current employees. Lunchmates wants to help you with these tasks.

Lunchmates in your organisation

„Some of the best decisions and insights come from hallway and cafeteria discussions, meeting new people, and impromptu team meetings.” (Marissa Mayer, Yahoo!)

Casual lunch meetings, as by Lunchmates, strengthen the network within the company and sets the stage for joint projects. They facilitate the communication between departments. The meetings increase collaborations across units and the new connections can yield innovation.

Thus, Lunchmates supports you in creating a learning organisation.

You can also use Luchmates to foster the networking of certain groups within your organisation. So you can bring your company's high potentials into a informal exchange early on.

Lunchmates for your colleagues

Your colleagues get to know other areas and functions of the company. They get familiar with their goals and get a better picture of the whole organisation. This contributes to a faster informal flow of information. Studies show increased sympathy among colleagues after casual conversations. The trust that builds up decreases friction in everyday's work. If both participate Lunchmates enables contact between management and employees. Eventually, the inclusion of employees increases satisfaction and commitment to the company.

Lunchmates for you

Lunchmates is simple. You can use it intuitively and manage easily. After you set up a community your colleagues can sign up for themselves and organise their attendance. Every lunch group organizes their own lunch.

Lunchmates, as a HR project, has a high visibility within your company. It also has a measureable impact. The platform provides the number of attendees and the frequence of meetings. You can also ask your colleagues for further feedback on their lunch experiences.

What's next?

Just set up a Lunchcommunity for your company, site or interest group and set the date for the next Lunchdate (if you have not registered yet, you have to do so). Next, you invite your colleagues by sending them the link to the community ( and publish an article in your intranet. The first Lunchdate in your company is ready to start. (If you do not want to participate yourself you can set your status to suspend.

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