LUNCHMATES Terms of use

Berlin, 15 Febuary 2015

1 Scope

To use LUNCHATES (hereinafter: service) apply the following terms and conditions in the relationship between the user and the owner of the site (hereinafter: provider).

2 Services of the provider

The provider allows the user to use the service under these terms and conditions. The provider tries to keep his service available. The provider assumes no further performance obligations. In particular, the user has no entitlement for continuous availability of the service.

3 Modification or cessation of the service

  1. The provider has the right to make changes to its service.

  2. The provider is entitled to terminate his service given a notice period of 8 weeks.

4 Disclaimer

  1. The provider accepts no liability for the availability and accuracy of the service.

5 Termination of membership

  1. The Provider is entitled to terminate the membership given a notice of 2 weeks to the end of the month.

  2. In case of an important reason the provider is entitled to block the user account immediately and to terminate membership without notice.

  3. After termination of membership the provider is entitled to block the user account and delete content created by users.

6 Reservation of right of modification

The provider has the right to change the terms of use. A change of these conditions will be communicated via the website.

Based on: Nutzungsbedingungen Internet-Forum